A Comeback Story (in progress)

A Comeback Story (in progress) 2013-11-10T22:35:53+00:00

When K.T. fell into addiction at an early age, she never thought she would someday turn to selling her body for money to buy drugs or to secure a place to stay.  Although parts of her life have been nightmarish, there have been blessings too—like a daughter.  But a losing battle to addiction also meant losing custody of her daughter.

Somehow, K.T. made her way to Jesus House where she is fighting for sobriety, mental stablity and setting life goals to change her future.  Her primary goal:  to someday tell her daughter about the greatest comeback story ever told.  A story about a mother who took the wrong paths, made the wrong choices but then discovered a place that believed in her and helped her reclaim what is important to her—herself, her daughter and her life.