Donate Food, Clothing and Furniture

Donate Food, Clothing and Furniture 2018-08-27T13:40:47+00:00

Jesus House gladly accepts in kind donations of food, clothing and furniture.  We will issue a donation receipt for all in-kind donations received.  All donations are initially received at our Receiving Office at the Jesus House Shelter Building at 1335 W. Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.

Food Donations

If you have a large donation of perishable food, please call us before bringing your donation to make sure we have sufficient cold storage space available.  We will sometimes make food donation pick-ups if our transportation resources allow us to do so.  Food donations may be used in our kitchen to feed the hungry or in our distribution of food baskets to low income households.  We also gladly accept donations from community, school, church or group non-perishable food drives.

Clothing Donations

Good, used clothing is always accepted for donation at Jesus House.  Please do not donate clothing which is ripped, torn or otherwise not wearable.  Clothing donations are provided to all persons in need through our clothing outreach.  We are not able to pick-up clothing donations.

Furniture and Household Goods Donations

Jesus House also accepts donations of functioning and gently used furniture and household goods such as appliances.  We cannot accept donations of furniture which is ripped, torn, broken or severely soiled.  We also cannot accept donations of appliances which are broken or in need of repair to properly function.  We do not accept donations of used gas appliances such as stoves, ovens, cook tops, ranges, heaters, grills or LP gas powered appliances or tanks.  Furniture and household goods are distributed to persons in need who live in a house or apartment.  We are not able to pick-up furniture or household appliance donations at this time.