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Jesus House, Inc. Menu of Donor Opportunities

Because Jesus House does not receive government funding nor are we part of the United Way of Central Oklahoma, we rely heavily on generous donations from individuals, churches, businesses and organizations in order to deliver our inspiring mission of Recovery, Hope and Transformation.

Client Scholarships:  Whether one of our 472 clients stay with us for several months or one year, they receive housing, food, job training and counseling services through the Life Transformation Program, all at no charge.

  • Est. annual per-client cost: $1,200; per month, $100; per day, $3.30

Capital Construction

Remodel Dorms: When we are at capacity, our five (5) dorms house 88 people, and they experience a large amount of wear and tear. We seek funds necessary to remodel and update all five dorms, with new flooring and textured walls.

  • Est. cost per dorm: $3,500 @ 5 dorms = $17,500


Two 10-Person Passenger Vans: Transportation is a vitally important daily activity that is necessary for getting clients to and from medical and mental health appointments, court, college and vocational education sites and to their workplaces. The two vans will replace an aging shuttle bus with 300,000 miles on its odometer.

  • Est. cost: $35,000 each

Capital Purchase

Outside Storage Container: We seek to purchase a metal cargo container to replace two existing outdoor storage buildings that are deteriorated and no longer secure.

  • Est. annual cost: $4,000

Box Truck: This type of vehicle is essential for securing donated items including food, clothing and furniture/appliances that we in turn share with our clients in need. It will be particularly helpful during the holidays, when people are the most generous with their donations of new and gently-used items.

  • Est. annual cost: $70,000


Transition Specialist: This full-time position is a necessary addition in order to ensure that clients are ready for reentry into society, and that they are monitored for up to six months after graduation to determine our program’s effectiveness and outcomes. The position holder will assist clients with tasks that include job readiness, job search and job interviewing; track wage information; help secure housing; and monitor sobriety and mental health status. The position will also work with companies so that they have a working knowledge of our program and what to expect from graduates they hire, who are in transition.

  • Est. annual cost: $33,000

Windows Insulation: Our large vintage 1938 windows are drafty and require insulation around each frame to improve heating and air conditioning efficiencies.

  • Est. annual cost: $4,500


Education Program: Twenty percent of our clients lack a high school diploma, so our Graduate Education Development (GED) program represents an integral part of getting clients ready for their successful reentry into society. We seek funding that will enable us to purchase computer software, tutoring materials and fees for the five (5) tests required by the GED certification testing process. This program currently serves 24 persons per year.

  • Est. annual cost: $3,200

Life Transformation Program Client Necessities: Clients sometimes require basic, tangible items in order to ready them for the workplace or to pursue educational opportunities including eye glasses, prescriptions, work clothing, licenses and IDs.

  • Est. annual cost: $3,460

General Operations

Food Line (AKA Soup Kitchen): We serve meals three times a day to low-income and homeless members of the community each year, no questions asked. This means that annually, we provide nutrition to 117,000 individuals. While much of the food we use is donated, we also must purchase items that are in short supply and necessary for producing a basic breakfast, lunch or dinner menu.

  • Est. annual cost: $45,600

Adopt-a-Block: This outreach street ministry pairs Jesus House clients with volunteers, who distribute food boxes to low-income individuals and chronic homeless populations nearby our headquarters. In addition, the outreach teams perform minor home maintenance and repairs, ranging from painting to mowing.

  • Est. annual cost: $1,000

Building Maintenance & Equipment: Our aging 1938 headquarters facility serves many roles. It has sleeping dorms for 88 people, a kitchen and dining room that serve 117,000 persons annually, a chapel, classrooms and administrative offices, so its upkeep and maintenance is a necessity for us being able to deliver our mission.

  • Est. annual cost: $24,000



Let your company double your impact of helping men and women experiencing homelessness, addiction and mental illness at Jesus House here in Oklahoma City. Check with your Human Resources department to see if your company matches employee donations.