Recovery Program

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The Jesus House recovery program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of men and women who are experiencing homelessness, mental illness and addiction.  We also offer cold weather shelter on a night-to-night basis for up to 15 additional male guests during the winter and at times of inclement weather.  All resident-guests must be at least 18 years of age.

The Jesus House Life Transformation Program

Our recovery program is a goals based program which focuses on connecting our resident-guests with the medical and social services they need in a spiritually encouraging environment which promotes sobriety, mental stability, accountability and eventually transition to a life of new opportunities.  We work with numerous partner ministries and community service organizations to connect our resident-guests to services and benefits such as medical care, prescription assistance, counseling, life-skills classes, legal assistance, social security benefits, identification assistance, financial responsibility classes, job skills, GED assistance, employment and eventually housing.  We are also a host site for numerous, daily drug and alcohol recovery and support group meetings.

The duration of the recovery program varies from one resident-guest to the next.  Although 12 months is what we would consider the typical duration of a successful shelter program stay, the circumstances and goals of each resident-guest always vary from one to the next.  Additionally, difficulties in maintaining sobriety can provide setbacks and multiple shelter program stays may be necessary.

Once our resident-guests graduate, they move to housing which they secure while completing the Life Transformation Program at Jesus House.  Housing options after graduation can range from apartments or houses or accommodations with one of our strategic partners providing transitional housing, such as Hope House OKC or The Pershing Center

Recovery Hope Transformation

Our motto at Jesus House is “Recovery, Hope, Transformation.”  Our welcoming atmosphere and philosophy of meeting people where they are with the unconditional love of Christ keeps our program beds full most of the time and our resident-guests positive.  We offer numerous spiritual based programs and classes and an on-site chapel service on Sundays.  Attendance at any spiritual program or class is voluntary and is always at the choice of the resident-guest.

A Voluntary Program

All resident-guests at Jesus House are here voluntarily.  We are not a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility nor a mental institution—our resident-guests can leave at any time.  Also, our resident-guests must be functioning adults capable of living in our facility, taking their own medications as prescribed by their own physicians and attending social service and medical appointments scheduled by case managers from outside organizations.  All resident-guests of Jesus House must be sober, mentally stable and 18 years of age or older and able to participate in our work therapy program.