Jesus House residents give back to the community in the name of Easter

Jesus House residents give back to the community in the name of Easter

OKLAHOMA CITY – Jesus House residents spent Saturday afternoon giving back to the community.

They hopped on the Easter bus a day early to spread the message of Easter and to surprise children who may not get a visit from the Easter Bunny tomorrow.

4newsJesus House Executive Director Michael Bateman told a group of kids the reason for their visit.

“We just want to let you guys know what the meaning of Easter really is,” Bateman said.

The group walked the streets of a neighborhood near the Jesus House carrying Easter Baskets for the kids and spreading their message.

“Watching these kids and the smiles on their face, maybe they aren’t going to have that much for Easter, so we’re spreading love and what Christ would ask from us,” Jesus House resident Lauren Knapp said.

Fourteen year old Zoe Wallace received a basket, and a lesson.

“It’s pretty awesome how people just help out other people,” Wallace said.

The kids aren’t the only one’s who received gifts.

“This is so therapeutic, they can come out here, they can leave behind what they’ve done and all their circumstances and they can come out here and serve,” Bateman said.

“At the Jesus House we’re all there because we’ve had struggles, just like Jesus did, just like everyone does. What we’ve realized is forgiveness and that’s a huge thing. For us to forgive ourselves and for us to forgive others and what we love to do is give back and that’s how we keep what we have,” Knapp said.

“That’s what the true meaning of Easter is, and we just wanted to give you guys a gift to share that with you and tell you we love you,” Bateman said.


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