Not Another Winter

Not Another Winter 2013-09-13T13:40:09+00:00

L.S. was an iconic and chronically homeless man on the streets of Oklahoma City.  Most homeless ministries and outreaches knew him by name.  They also knew that L.S. had sworn off shelters and missions and preferred living on the streets where he could satisfy his addiction to alcohol.  However, 2010 and 2011 brought two of the fiercest winter storms in Oklahoma history and L.S., nearing 70 years of age, became certain he could not survive another winter on the streets.  Health problems, which arose as 2012 approached, made him even more uncertain of his survival on the streets.


L.S. was introduced to the Jesus House team with it’s Saturday Street Ministry Outreach.  Each Saturday, he would meet the Jesus House team downtown for a quick breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee right on the street.  He gained trust in the Jesus House team and he began to listen to the words of encouragement that he got with his Saturday breakfast.  They told him he could do it.  They told him that they would be there for him.  Finally, L.S. gave it a try and today he is thriving with sobriety and a clear mind.  And best of all, he is taking pride in the example he has set for others, especially the younger men on the streets, some of whom have followed his footsteps to Jesus House.