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Welcome. We're glad you're here. At Jesus House, our priority is helping those who struggle with substance abuse.


Our recovery program is completely free. All we ask is that you come ready to work on your recovery.


We believe everyone can rehabilitate, and our program helps those who aren’t sure where to start. Our motto is - Love Lives Here! Jesus House is an excellent resource for those in the OKC metro area. The Life Transition Program (LTP) aims to give recovery residents the ability to live a completely sober and addiction-free life.  We work to provide residents the tools to flourish spiritually, financially, emotionally, and socially.



The Intake Process


Is Jesus House right for me?

We are a non-denominational Christian organization. Recovery and healing at Jesus House are only possible through Christ.

If you aren't comfortable with that - that's ok! We encourage you to check out these programs instead.

The Intake process begins with an assessment to help us identify what you need. If you are seeking shelter but not an addiction recovery program, we will guide you to resources around our community that are better equipped to reach your needs. 

For those seeking a recovery program, we will start by getting to know you and learning who you are in your own words. We will talk about things like your family history, your substance abuse issues, your mental health, and your physical health. We will also identify what you hope to accomplish and gain through our life transformation program. This will help us determine your specific needs and how we can address them.

During the intake process, you will have some restrictions. For the first 30 days, you will only attend court and medical appointments. All cellular devices will be held until the 30 days are complete. Don't fret, though! You will have access to the house phone to contact family and one weekend pass per month to visit family.

For Myself



The Jesus House Life Transformation Recovery Program will provide a safe place for your loved one to find hope and healing. No matter how painful or traumatic their past, the pathway to hope and healing at Jesus House provides a safe environment where your loved one can take a breath and allow the healing process to begin. They will build routines, grow in service to the community and themselves, and learn to develop control over their minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Loved one


Transformation stories

Karen Bullock


"When I walked through the doors in March 2021, I knew Jesus House was the place for me. I remembered what life was like before all the addiction, and I wanted to get back to that life. Jesus House became my new home for the next twelve months. The residents have become like family to me. I had never had a relationship with Jesus until I got to Jesus House. When I arrived, my ears and eyes were open. I desperately wanted to find joy in life, so I began to pray and ask God to give me His joy. And I remember, one day, as I was praying and asking for that joy, I felt like I heard Him say, “Then take it!” And that night, I did! The following day I got up, and I was a totally different person! I was genuinely joyful for the first time in my life!

Today, I look forward to wherever it is God wants to take me. I would love to get training and find a job somewhere as a recovery support specialist, because I know many people are struggling, just like I once did.”

Karen Bullock solo.PNG

Norman Bell


“It was the hardest thirty days of my life! But after thirty days, when my mind finally started clearing up, I begin to realize I’ve got to do something about my addiction. I needed to quit drinking and have a sound mind.

The most liberating part of my entire journey through the 12-step recovery program were steps four and five. When I finally began making amends for the wrongs I had done, the Lord began the process of setting me free!

When I finally reached month seven, I was the freest I had ever been in my life! At Jesus House, they have a unique way of going inside a person’s heart, where the real infection and disease is, and helping that person heal from the inside out.”

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