Street Ministry Outreach

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The Jesus House Street Ministry Outreach delivers a hot, fresh breakfast each week to the unsheltered homeless where they are on the street with fellowship and encouragement to forsake the street for programs that work.  With a specialized ministry focus to homeless who are addicted and mentally ill, a vast majority of the unsheltered and chronic homeless on the streets meet the Jesus House criteria for shelter services.  For many unsheltered homeless, the uncertainty of shelter life, social anxieties and addiction drive a wedge between the prospect of shelter services and a desperate person in need of help.  The Jesus House Street Ministry Outreach builds relationships with people we can help based on love, familiarity, friendship and encouragement.

The end result is that we are able to connect with people we can serve and help them overcome the barriers of fear, uncertainty and doubt.  On any given day, we have persons in the Jesus House shelter program who used to be unsheltered by choice but who are now obtaining mental stability with available social services, making progress in recovery from addiction and setting transitional goals that they never imagined possible.

Jesus House welcomes volunteers to help with Street Ministry Outreach.  However, all Street Ministry Outreach volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.