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Volunteer at Jesus House in Oklahoma Cit
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Are you looking for an incredible and unique volunteer experience? Donate your time and skills at Jesus House! We would love to have you. We are a no-cost addiction recovery program for Oklahoma residents. We also serve the homeless and those in need by providing food and clothes. 

Our team has experienced staff, volunteers, community partners, and donors who impact the lives of those in need every day. Many come to Jesus House for our free addiction program or in need of a hot meal and clothes.

As a Christian non-profit organization, we always strive to create an environment of acceptance, understanding, dedication, and love. Our motto is - Love Lives Here - and that extends to all our staff, volunteers, community partners, donors, and those we serve. If this sounds like a place for you, please review our guidelines and send us a message below!



Donation Volunteer

Donation volunteers help us organize, categorize, and care for physical donations. If you have a keen eye for organization or structure, this is the place for you! These donations can include clothes, household items and more.

Kitchen & Dining

Our kitchen is always a busy place and requires volunteers with high energy. Usually, this is where our most social volunteers thrive. Kitchen and dining volunteers help the day to day maintenance and operations of the kitchen and dining room.

Education Volunteer

One of the most important aspects of Jesus House and what we aim to do is teach and foster those who need it most. Above all else, patience, kindness, and honesty are essential for being an education volunteer. Education volunteers may assist with literacy, GED classes, financial management, mentoring, ministry, or sponsorship.

Facility & Decor Care Volunteer

Jesus House resides in a historical school building from the 1940s, so we're always using unique methods to improve and refurbish. Facility and decor volunteers care for and maintain the facility, grounds, and decor. It's not uncommon for these volunteers to work on refurbishing, painting, and cleaning. 

Types of Volunteers
Volunteer Stories






  • Volunteers must be over the age of 18*

    • *If you are under age 18, you may volunteer with your family but will not be permitted in the kitchen.

    • *We always keep a 1:6 ratio at minimum, meaning for every 6 minors there must be at least one adult.

  • We also request a list of any special skills you might have

    • For example, if you are a hairdresser, we would love to utilize your skills for our residents!

  • We also accept court-ordered community service

  • All volunteers must undergo a background check

  • Large groups- We can accommodate groups of no more than 12 at a time.

Please download and complete all 3 forms below. Once you've completed the forms please upload them here or email to

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Thanks for submitting!

Or donate another way! 


What is Jesus House?

We are a no-cost, faith-based, non-profit organization serving men and women in Oklahoma City who are addicted, homeless, and underprivileged. We are a dual-mission organization that offers a residential, addiction-recovery program, as well as hot meals and clothing for our homeless and low-income neighbors.

Where is Jesus House located?

We are located at 1335 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.

What information do I need to submit before volunteering? 

Every individual must submit a volunteer application on our website, sign a waiver, and complete a background check. This will include info like your name, age, preferred volunteer position, signature, and more.

How much time should I commit?

This varies! If you would like to volunteer for a day, weekly, or for specific events, it depends on your goals and availability. If you are volunteering to fulfill court-ordered community service, you will already know how many hours are required. 

What are some different roles I can serve as a volunteer? 

You can serve as a donation volunteer, in the kitchen and dining area, as an education volunteer, or as a facility and decor care volunteer. For more detailed descriptions, click here. Additionally, any special skills will be noted in the initial contact from Jesus House, so you may even end up as a special position volunteer - like a hair stylist!

Is Jesus House a Christian organization? 

Yes, we are a nondenominational Christian non-profit organization. Using the love of Jesus Christ as our example, our team of dedicated staff, volunteers, and addiction recovery residents serve the least, the lost, and the left behind in our community.

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